Fall Rain

This year, Halloween was a warm day, and a rainy, windy one.  It was one of those days which precluded a plummeting of temperatures, an authumn day that starts out warm but cools with the onslaught of water from the sky.  I thought to myself that day came a few weeks early, as it was not usually until the middle of November when we get the rain that beats all of the leaves off the trees. Because it was early, many trees retained their leaves that refused to turn any color but brown before falling.

Today is a repeat, and the day before a hard, cold rain comes in the night to shake the rest of the stubborn leaved from the trees. I was in such a rain once, during a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game at Heinz Field.  At first, the night was unusually warm for fall, but then it started to rain and the cold rain seeped through my layers of clothes and my covering. Even retired Chris Hoke commented that his toes were freezing.

The Steelers won that game, but I will never forget that rain, as it was the sign that fall was a transition to winter more than a season unto itself.

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