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It is often difficult to write about oneself because the subject is so intimate to the author. What can one write about oneself without appearing to seek attention? Does not the act of autobiography, the writing of oneself, entail an amount of hubris? The answers to these questions have been debated for years by professors, philosophers, students of literature, and many others. I have no new answers for you; I can only tell you about myself.

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have lived in Pittsburgh all my life and I am an only child. I prefer the Spanish term hija unica despite my relative ignorance of Spanish, as I do not like the confining connotations of the word “only” and am far from being a child. Instead, I am (cognate alert!) unique in many ways that are apparent upon meeting me and in many other ways that are not as immediately recognizable. For instance, I have traveled to both England and Canada and although my alma mater proclaims that I am a “world ready” woman, I often feel like a lost little girl in the world.

I also have noticed I have used “I” very often, far too often even for an informal autobiography. Perhaps it is this self-criticism that is my stumbling block. Have I broken the voice of a biography for a faux post-modern approach? Or is the shift in tone a consequence of writing without editing?

Although I do not write for profit, I occasionally do put my musings into words. As you can tell from above and the entries in this blog, I am not very good at it, which is precisely why I do not write for profit.

Occasionally I doodle, and I intended put these crude images on the Web for public shame on a sister site called webbcomic.com. Unfortunately, I have put this project to the side.

I used to write in second blog, Webb 2.0. It is yet another soapbox on soap operas if you are so inclined to begin to read it. However, there are no new entries as of this writing.

I have also started a more recent blog, Padayo, which is just a playground for what comes to mind at any particular moment.

If you would like more information about me, or if you were to prefer a more formal biography, you may find one on rwebb.com, once the site is operational. Yes, I am still working on it.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog. I will get to it sooner or later.

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