Is Summer Fading Already?

It is the end of July, which is the waning part of summer, but when the season is still strong. In spite of the humidity and the rain, though, I see where the leaves on the trees are already beginning to grow slightly dull. Is this merely because I am growing older and more observant, or does this mean we are headed for an early fall?

I will not miss the oppressive temperatures of earlier in the month, but I am not ready for winter, either.


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In other news, today was an absolutely beautiful day in terms of weather.


Delayed Green

It is the first of May, and all around me are the sights of early spring blooms, tulips and fading daffodils. There are far too many healthy trees that still look like skeletons, with some pale green leaves finally emerging from their buds.

I can confirm that this lack of green is not my imagination from looking at photos from the past. Last year and most of the years before now, even when the temperatures dipped, by May the trees had burst into verdant splendor.  Instead, it seems more like the end of March than the beginning of May in terms of the bloom.

There are signs on the ground that spring is here. Dandelions, albeit young and yellow, dot lawns and fields.  The weeds begin to grow tall.

Soon the woods will be green again, but to see a skyline of sticks on 80-degree days and ample sunlight is a contrast.


Extended Winter

This morning there was snow in the air, and much like the snow on Tuesday, hovered in the air, but melted on the ground.

Even though some of the cherry blossoms have begun to bloom while tulips and daffodils sprout, many of the buds are only now opening on trees, while the air itself remains cool. Winter does not want to let go of the past, but I am grateful for the drawn out farewell to the cold. It will be blazing hot before I know it and I want to remember wearing my boots in April for the last time this year.

Here is to hoping that the pollen does not burst forth all at once.



In the past few weeks, I have commented how the weather is clear here and has been snowing elsewhere.

Now, it is snowing here. I should have been less haughty.


A Week Later, the Same Result

Again, a Nor’easter (or perhaps, a Northeaster) blankets the other side of the state with snow, while leaving this side of the state wet with flurries and cold with chilly air, but otherwise unscathed.

It is moments like these I am grateful to live in Pittsburgh.


It’s strange to think that at the moment of writing this post, the air outside is cold and the sun is shining, all while on the other side of the state cities are being battered by a winter storm. I thought that Western Pennsylvania would have to pay the debt to Mother Nature for all of the warm air and weather we have received in the past few weeks, but aside from flooding and landslides, we have been spared so far. There was a frightening wind last night, but that was all it did. It scared and caused alarm, but nothing more.

It is amazing that right as of this moment, I can see the blue sky, and aside from a power outage earlier this afternoon, there is nothing of note in terms of an event. I am thankful for the chilly, clear weather. Not everyone can see the sun at this moment.


Webbready is Now Secure!

I’ve finally started to serve this blog over SSL, although you should still be able to see this blog using the insecure URL. This change does not mean there will be more frequent updates, but at least this means I have fully entered the 2010s World Wide Web properly.


Time Marches On

The almost endless summer has given way to autumn, and all the leaves fall off their trees and into the dirt from which their trees have sprung.


Some years ago, years too long ago, I graduated from college.

I remember one of my professors jokingly telling me to not come back, and I have not stepped foot on campus for years.